​      I am a practical eternal optimist, and I sincerely believe in the continually positive flow of our universe, including life on our little planet, and the cultures developing here. The practical side of my optimism is in the form of knowing when the fire is spreading, and action is required by all concerned in order to put it out. Those of you who know me well are aware of this.
     It is time to act, and long past time to become educated. Calling the events coming out of the White House merely distractions amounts to acceptance of propaganda, and false news. None of the elements of the mess we are observing are “distractions”. They are all aspects of specific steps on the path leading to American Fascism.
The new American president's terrible speech to the 40,000 attendees of the recent National Boy Scout Jamboree has been compared to Hitler's Brown Shirt rallies.
Such a comparison is incorrect, and is much worse than that.
     The Brown Shirts (SA) were a branch of Hitler’s Sturm Abteilung, (storm troopers, most of whom were unemployed WWI veterans).Their purpose was first to protect his political meetings, and later to disrupt political meetings of his opposition. (Think of Breitbart, and right wing militias).
The “wake up America” Jamboree was more like the Hitler Youth organization (der Jergend), with children aged 14 to 18, and the Deutsches Jungvold, (young youth), aged 10-14. The Boy Scouts range from 11-17, with Cub Scouts behind them from ages 8-10.
     My comments regarding the BSA come from experience, as a Webelos Cub Scout, since 1956, an Eagle Scout, (for 57 years), with bronze palm, a Brotherhood Member of The order of the Arrow, a Boy Scouts of America Scholarship recipient in college, a past Assistant Scout Master, former professional Assistant District Executive, the father of a son who found the organization lacking in depth 15 years ago, and as a rational adult who has watched the ridiculous stances, and actions regarding homophobia in the American BSA.
I am not surprised that they would invite a misogynistic, xenophobic, oligarchic, Fascist to their National Jamboree, even with the excuse that for the past 80 years they have invited the President to speak. The only reason I have not returned by Eagle Medal to them is that this is not the way they were half a century ago. Please note that I also believe there are still excellent individual Scout Troops and leaders, holding to the old traditions of the Scout Oath and Promise, and the 12 Points of the Scout Law, and the Scout Motto (Do a good turn daily), in various places around the country. (Please pardon the repetition if you have seen my credentials regarding the Boy Scouts before.)
     There were some 2.5 million Boy Scouts in the U.S. as of 2016, down from 20 million in 1952. In my opinion the decline is due to a steady deterioration of the value of the programs, and integrity of the National organization. The number of Scouts does not count a rather large number who defected to create their own organizations when the National Council “seemed to” reverse their bans of homosexual, and transgender Scouts. I say “seemed to” because the application of the rulings were left up to individual troupes, and there were no controls nor sanctions put into place.
     The tweeted plan to banish transgender people (11,000 currently serving), along with his administration’s hateful positions on LGBQT people in general, is another early step in creating a little understood, feared, and minority on which to foment and build hatred. (Think of Jewish people – those with at least one grandparent identified as Jewish.) Remember also that homosexuals, and prostitutes (except those kept to service German officers), and intellectuals were included in the Shoah (Holocaust, meaning calamity in Hebrew).
     This follows active advocacy of subjugating women (who were relegated primarily to the role of brood-mares in Hitler’s master plan), and his apparent plans to “shake up” his controversial cabinet and staff, as was done by Hitler’s dissolution of the von Hindenburg’s Reichstag (Parliament) when he became Kanzler (Chancellor) in 1933.
     The health care issue is being carefully orchestrated in order to create fear and uncertainty, not only for the people who will lose their health care; also among the friends and relatives and communities impacted by the tactic.
     These are not distractions. These are among a series of obvious steps being taken, and are carefully orchestrated in the process of building a Fascist Oligarchy.
     Not only can this happen here. It IS happening here. While many of us are taking action now, we must also educate ourselves as we organize to increase our numbers. Waiting for an unbalanced and seriously corrupted Congress to call for impeachment is not an option. There is no “they” nor “them” to do this for us.
     “We the People of the United States, in Order to form (preserve and rebuild) a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

(I do not use normally Wikipedia for basic research yet the timeline history of the development of the Nazi Party and horror machine from 1834 to Hitler’s complete take-over in 1934 is very important for a basic understanding of what is taking place now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_timeline_of_Nazism,)